Your SAFE RIDE HOME Companion in Vancouver

Discreet designated driver provides you a safe ride Vancouver. Discreet designated driver is a service that will drive you and your car safely to your destination. We are your protector and your companion as we will provide you a safe ride home. The discreet designated driver has efficient and most importantly efficient drivers which are trained to provide excellent customer service.

Our team aims to make it safe for the people to return home safely after a drink filled night by booking a ride with us and avoid the risk of any unfortunate event.

Our Services

We provide our clients with professionally trained designated drivers who will drive you to your destination in the comfort of your own vehicle. Our services are cheaper than hiring a car. We also provide you with an option to choose a specific driver of your time, every time you book a ride with discreet designated driver. Advance booking is required in order to provide you greater services.

The best thing about our designated driver services is the drives we provide! We believe in comfort and secure services. Therefore, our drivers are fully trained, licensed and they are also insured by the local insurance authority.  

Our services include both Day and night service. So book a safe ride with us if you had a dental or a day surgery or if you need a ride from the hospital, you can hand over your keys to our driver and enjoy a comfortable ride to your destination safely.

Why book a ride with us?

Safe and Reliable Service

Don’t drive drunk, it’s always life-threatening to drink and drive. We feel it’s our responsibility to drive you home safely. So book our ride and avoid risking your life.


Our drivers are at your service on time, so book a ride with Discreet Designated Driver and reach home safely without waiting too long for your ride.

Cheaper Rates

We provide cheaper rates and transparent prices with no extra charges. Visit our website now to know the details of the fare rates.

Reliable and Trustworthy Drivers

Our drivers are fully trained, licensed and they are also insured by the local insurance authority. So without a second thought hand your keys please and let us provide you a safe ride to your destination. Discreet Designated driver is working in changing the people’s view about drinking and drinking. It is our priority to drive you and your car safely to your home or any other destination. Our designated drivers are well-trained in order to work efficiently. Dial now and book your ride with us, Reach home safe without worrying about leaving your car behind. We want to make a difference