How to Pre Plan A Safe Ride

Pre Planning a safe ride

Exciting weekend coming up? But worried about drunk driving as the roadblocks increase during the holiday season?

We will guide you on how you can pre plan a safe ride without worrying about leaving your car behind. Driving drunk could cost you a fortune and lead to serious penalties. Here’s what you can do:


  1. Plan a shared ride

    If you and your friends will have a common route, you can plan a shared ride if one commits to become a designated driver and help others reach home.

  2. Hire a Designated Driver Service Company

    Most reputed and authentic Designated Driver Service companies will have the option of pre booking a designated driver well in advance so you do not have to wait after the party is over. It is also crucial as most designated drivers go overbooked during the peak hours and the ones with the pre booking receives the benefit. If you are looking for one such company with on time service and lowest fares, you can visit here.

  3. Confirming the Ride 1 Day Prior to the Scheduled Date

    Usually some designated driver companies will fall short on drivers and intentionally cancel your booking without informing you. This could be a big problem once you are stuck in the middle of the road and all the designated rides go over booked.

    It is always recommended that you confirm the date and time of the ride and the place of pick up well in advance so you do not get stuck in this situation. It is always recommended to travel with reputed companies like this one so you never have to worry about missing your ride.