How to Hire Designated Drivers in Coquitlam

How to Hire Designated Drivers in Coquitlam

Hiring Designated Drivers in Coquitlam is easy. Discreet Designated Driver ensures a safe ride home without you having to worry about leaving your car behind.

1) Call Designated Driver Service Companies near you or search on google and visit their website to get the contact information. For Discreet Designated Driver with lowest fares, Call: (604) 353 8750 or visit the website:


2) Keep your credit card details ready for verification purpose. Most companies will require the information to confirm your ride.


3) Give the exact pick up point and pick up time to make sure the drivers are able to locate you. Try to book at least an hour before the pick up time to avoid long waiting time during peak hours.


4) Avoid long delays or cancellation as you could be charged a waiting time fee or cancellation fee for not showing up.


5) Upon completion of the ride, you can choose to make the payment from the available payment options. If for some reason the driver does not accept the available payment methods, just simply call the company phone number to confirm and request possibilities.


6) It is always good to share the experience feedback of your ride with the company which can help them improve and provide a better service next time.


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